The foundation is an inspiration from Samta Purushottam Agrawal (1955:2011), wife of Mr. Purushottam Agrawal, Vice Chairman of Ajanta Pharma Ltd. She was a person full of unconditional love with incredible will power, creativity and enthusiasm for life.


Mr. Purushottam Agrawal says I am making Samta Memorial an extension of her personality, her beliefs, her principles and most of all her love. The various projects that Samta Memorial works on are the areas that were not only dear to her but are the very essence of the person she was.


Samta always believed in helping in any way possible those who lack opportunity, not necessarily resources. She always took it unto herself to serve, in her own small way, anyone who needed her support. Whether, it was to sponsor the education of girls whose parents couldn't afford to send them to school or to sponsor couples at community wedding events.


Samta Memorial Foundation will be an embodiment of Samta herself..

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