At MAIT we set up the programming, Robotics, and STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering & Mathematics) lab by Samta Purushottam Agrawal Memorial Foundation as a part of the smart learning initiative.


The initiative will give the primary boost to the Smart Education wherein students practically engage themselves in programming and developing various sciences & robotics related projects and also enhance various life skills like logical, analytics, teamwork, leadership and organizational skills during the process.


Students will get an inspirational experience of working on advanced robotics equipment in a systematic pedagogy and students will also get knowledge on programming along with technical and logical aspects of programming.


Benefits for Students:


  • Makes student an active learner.
  • Helps the students understand programming in a much easier way.
  • Boosts their confidence levels.
  • Strengthens research & problem-solving skills.
  • Develops logical and analytical abilities.
  • Help students to develop Science & math Intuition.
  • Builds self-thinking which results in clarity of thought.
  • Allows them to explore new technologies.
  • We help them differentiate between theoretical studies with practical intelligence.
  • Overall development of personality and organizing skills.
  • Introducing them to current advances in technology


MAIT is an initiative of well-known organization Samta Memorial Foundation which focuses on bringing meaningful transformation in the life of those who lack resources or opportunities, the less privileged ones in the rural and tribal India. At Samta Memorial Foundation we ENABLE, EDUCATE & EMPOWER them through focused initiatives in health, education, Women Empowerment and rural infrastructure.

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