School Development

As per the World Bank, some of the benefits associated with girls education include reduction in child and maternal mortality, improvement in child nutrition & health resulting in better economic production.Despite significant progress over the last several decades toward girls education, there are still many gaps. Poor infrastructure in public schools of rural India in terms of proper classrooms, educational support equipment, washrooms, drinking water facility, laboratories, libraries, playgrounds, etc. hamper the quality of the education of children from poor and underprivileged strata.

Our Foundation had identified this as a focus area and has been working with various schools in Vidarbha and Marathwada region of Maharashtra. The Foundation undertakes

  • Renovation of entire infrastructure of the school including classrooms, washrooms, etc.
  • Provide advanced educational tools like Computer Labs, Music Labs, Science Labs, etc.
  • Improve facilities like playgrounds, libraries, Projectors for better learning, etc.
  • Setup course on entrepreneurship, attitude and communication skills for personality development



Till now, more than 3,850 number of students have got the benefit of this program and more such schools are being identified for upliftment. Our Foundation has supported 6 schools in the one or more aspects as per respective need.


In 2012, we undertook renovation of Manutai Girls School in Akola. This school is government aided and caters to girls from the poorest background, most commonly from the families of rag pickers and daily laborers. The facilities were in abysmal state with basic facilities like clean toilets missing. We undertook the renovation of the school over the summer. Vocational training, library, computers & sports material were added to the school infrastructure. In two years since renovation, the attendance of students has improved by 20% percentage. The overall enrollment in the school has increased from 510 to 650. Children have a safe & clean environment to get basic education and have a chance to rise-up from the lower economic strata by learning better skills.


The mission of the Samata Memorial Foundation has reached to the tribal area. 11 centers are setup at Palghar District serving almost 11 schools and 20000+ students every year. The foundation has also taken initiative to the provide training to son and daughters of farmers who has committed suicide at Hedgewar School at Aurangabad. The following is the list of institutes where-in the foundation has develop the facilities for learning.



Sr.No School Name Location/place
1 Manutai Girls School Akola
2 Savitribai Phule Girls School Akola
3 Nagar Parishad School Risod
4 Vithal Rukhmini School Kondvada Hingoli
5 Shreekrishna (Mahanubhav) School Aurangabad
6 Mahtma Gandhi English School Ujani Latur
7 Neharu Madhyamaic & Uchha Madyamic school Savkheda
8 Maharana Pratap Highschool & Jr. College Lonar
9 Dr. Hegdewar Public School Aurangabad
10 Pujya Aacharya Bhise Madhyamic & Jr. college Kasa, Dahanu
11 Arvind Madhyamic & Jr. College, Dadade, Dadade
12 Vikramgarh High School & Jr. College, Vikramgarh Vikramgarh
13 Eklavya Madhyamic Aasarm School, Hirapada, Tq. Jawahar Hirapada
14 Shri Gadge Baba Maharaj Highschool & Jr. College Chalatwad,Tq. Jawahar Chalatwad
15 Chincale Aashram Madhyamic School, Chinchale, Tq. Dahan Chinchale
16 K.L.Ponda High school & Jr. College, Dahanu, Dist. Palghar Dahanu
17 K.L.Ponda High school & Jr. College, Dahanu, Dist. Palghar Dahanu
18 Anand Vidyadham, Paithan Road  Aurangabad


The foundation envision to be the world class institute to offer the training on emerging technology and act as catalyst in the empowerment of unprivileged population and at the same time to enhance the technology base of those professionals. The institute shall target the needy population and provide need-base training to make them capable to explore their potential as well as to empower them both socially and economically.

It is long way to go…crossing the boundaries of nation. The next step will be to offer training in the north-east part of the country and then to fly abroad.

Samta Memorial foundation dream is to uncover the potentials of aspirants (and underprivileged in particular) and empower them with knowledge, skills and economy.

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