Our Team and Partners

Samta Foundation is proud to have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers. Our team mainly consists of self-motivated local youths living in rural areas, who understand the need of the poor and underprivileged in the rural and tribal areas. This team works round-the-clock, on activities undertaken by the foundation to ensure highest quality of service, with a smile on their face. Their simple strategy to create and implement sustainable solutions that are easily scalable across the country. Their role starts from identifying new area of activity, enrolling partners to provide necessary support.


These include village bodies, government staff, hospitals, logistics, caterers, medicine providers, etc. Only after a painstaking effort to put all infrastructures in place, the benefit to the people is visible. We also partner with like-minded hospitals from government & private sectors, who share our enthusiasm and passion to serve the undeserved. The doctors and their staff provide dedicated & selfless service to these patients. They understand our model of service and we share a symbiotic relationship with our partners with benefit of patient in mind.


We also appreciate the support of various school bodies that have whole-heartedly supported and embraced our proposals to directly help the students in their respective schools instead of pure financial assistance. Mutual sharing of thoughts and ideas has enabled us to draft our scope of work in this field and implement it.


Our colleagues at the Dharamshalas & Annachatra have provided untiring service to the patients going through some of the most difficult times. Their high spirit and unwavering dedication to this activity helps ease the suffering of visiting patients and their family who are in an unfamiliar place.


It their un-dying zeal, that keeps them going through a very difficult activity each day with a smile on their face and empathy in their hearts. We have conducted our activity at various prisons in Maharashtra state. The support of the entire staff at these prisons is tremendous. Contrary to our expectations, we learn how well and disciplined these facilities are and how efficiently they are managed despite limited resources.

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