Our Trustees

The three Agrawal brothers, Mannalal, Purushottam & Madhusudan, were born and raised in a tiny village called Risod in Maharashtra state. Their basic education started in a school that conducted classes under a tree in an open courtyard. With parents support, the three brothers graduated and started, Ajanta Pharma Limited, with a mission to satisfy healthcare needs with empathy, innovation & technology across the world.


Starting in 1973, with a small capital of Rs. 10,000 and team of 4 members, today, the company employees more than 6,000 people from 28 different nationalities and has provided many innovative solutions for patient care.


After going through many difficulties in their years growing up, the brothers are extremely empathetic and understanding of pains and challenges of the rural poor. The Agrawal family is committed to serve the poor and needy people in the rural and tribal parts of the country, adding value to their life.



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